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image_196_2_v1Carvoeiro nestles among the the rocky coves and bays of the Algarve’s coastline just south of Lagoa. It has maintained its traditional fishing village feel and is a little more intimate than some of the larger resorts. With this in mind you are really guaranteed a taste of Portugal and Thcarvoeiro_beache Algarve.

The picturesque main beach of Carvoeiro is a small sandy bay lined with multi colored fishing boats where you can watch the fishermen bringing in the catch of day and mending their nets, while you relax in the Algarve sun. Try the freshly grilled fish for lunch, at one of the many restaurants. As the sun goes down take a stroll up the steep street running up the side of the cliff, to the east of the beach and take your own picture postcard photo of this beautiful little bay.



Carvoeiro – Algarve

IMG_1675With a sandy beach enclosed by dramatic cliffs on either side, your first sight of Carvoeiro in Algarve on a holiday with Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals will take your breath away! 

A dozen excellent beaches are scattered in and around the resort, each with its own unique character. Many are long, sandy stretches, but a number can also be found hidden away in quiet, sheltered inlets. Carvoeiro Beach itself is accessible for wheelchairs. 

This former fishing village still betrays its roots amidst the villas andcarvoeiro_beach_holiday apartments which have sprung up and helped the resort spread out along the face of the sandstone cliffs. 

Nestled among the older developments and the newer holiday accommodation are several quaint restaurants which make a big feature of the produce of the local waters. 

When spending your holidays in Carvoeiro….

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When spending your holidays in Carvoeiro, Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals are near several activities to do and places to visit, a region of unique beauty the Algarve.

 Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals are centrally located,images Algarve 1 less than 100 metres from Carvoeiro Beach, 18 Kilometers from Portimão Arena and Formula One motor racing circuit, just 45 minutes from Faro international airport. Some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches are within easy reach, as well as various golf courses.

“Charmingly picturesque Carvoeiro”

IMG_1712Lying snugly between some of the finest examples of this coastline’s beautiful limestone cliffs and bathed by crystalline turquoise waters, it is no wonder that Carvoeiro has become one of the most sought after destinations in the Algarve.

 Charmingly picturesque, this fishing village is a profusion of whitewashed houses that cascade down the sides of its cliffs and converge in a central square situated just behind the beach. The many bars and restaurants on the square make it a lovely spot in which to sit down and enjoy a drink whilst continuing to enjoy views of the beach.carvoeiro_cafe

Carvoeiro beach has preserved its attraction and natural beauty whilst offering all the modern facilities of a cosmopolitan resort. Sheltered by cliffs on either side and shelving gently into the sea, the long sandy beach has become a great favourite with families. Colourful boats adorn one end of the beach, the local fishermen using them for fishing or for taking visitors on scenic trips around this impressive coastline. The golden limestone cliffs that make up the coastline around Carvoeiro and its neighbouring beaches really are a gem.


The most famous and dazzling example in the Algarve is Algar Seco, situated some 550 metres (0.3 miles) east of Carvoeiro, where visitors can admire a network of rock pools, caves, arches and holes that have been naturally carved out of the rocks.

 Carvoeiro’s nightlife livens up considerably during the summer months when the bars and pubs stayIMG_1470 open well into the night. There are many restaurants to choose from, offering international or typical Portuguese cuisine. As this is an important wine producing region, why not stop and taste a local fish speciality, accompanied by a smooth and fragrant Lagoa red?

The best of Carvoeiro


The most spectacular view in Carvoeiro can be seen just 750m east from the main town square. This wonderful rock formation presents many photograph opportunities, with plenty to see for birdwatchers.987937

There is a natural tunnel through the wall, which gives a fantastic view of the cliffs and the sea. Take a picnic or eat at the restaurant on site for a pleasant meal as the sun sets.

Good things come in small packages…..


Straight to the point, the fishing village is small. However, what the village may lack in quantity it certainly makes up for with quality, as this destination is stunning to look at and fascinating to explore. It’s far from the extremely quiet and empty fishing port it used to be but it has managed to retain a great deal of its traditional charm. IMG_1688Since its increase in popularity with tourists, it hasn’t grown much larger than its one village street. You won’t exactly be able to shop until you drop here but you can have a good rummage for a bargain, and authentic, Carvoerio souvenir. Make sure you walk past some of the more modern buildings until you find the original residential area. The houses here look like they’re from another era and the narrow winding streets are great to maze around.