The Portugal Carnival Comes To Life!

images carnival 3In Portugal, the carnival is the biggest festival of the year and draws people form around the world. It usually happens in February, right before lent starts. It signals the end of winter and also ushers in the religious period of giving up meat. Carnival is usually not religious in nature and therefore it continues well past Ash Wednesday when religious affiliated carnivals end. In fact, the carnival in Portugal usually last almost three weeks. It is a non-stop party where the focus is on fun and celebration.

Portugal Carnival History

The Portugal Carnival goes back hundreds of years. It has roots in the catholic religion. In the beginning, carnival originated in Italy when people would put on costumes and celebrate the day before lent. They would have large feasts where they would eat up all the meats since meat was forbidden during lent. Soon the carnival became quite popular and began spreading to surrounding areas in Spain and France and other places where the Catholic religion was prominent. Carnival made its way to America when European settlers brought it over. Today in Portugal the carnival is the top event. The city of Lisbon fills up with people, both locals and visitors, to celebrate. The city truly comes to life with celebrations everywhere and a lot of fun to be had.

images carnival 1At the Portugal Carnival

Carnival is all about music, dancing and, of course, the costumes. The elaborate costumes of carnival are something to behold. Many people spend months preparing their costumes for the celebration. From feathers to metal to sequins, you will see it all. The native people take carnival very seriously. They will be meticulous in preparing their costumes and they are focused on ensuring every detail is perfected. Carnival may be all about fun, but the preparation is hard work.


Party Time!!

Preparation starts long before February. The first thing they do is come up with a theme. They then begin working on costume ideas. It is all about creativity and creating a very show-like experience. Awards are given for the best costumes and quite coveted. A lot of work goes into creating the elaborate show that lasts throughout the carnival. There is never a dull moment thanks to all those who work so hard to prepare the festivities.

images carnival 2The Portugal Carnival is a show. For visitors it is something that words simply can not describe. You have to experience it for yourself. The costumes, the music, the people, the food – it all is amazing and will have you awe struck. You can grab plenty of food along the street where vendors eagerly cook up scrumptious menus. You can stand and watch the various parades with the beautiful floats and costumed participants. There are parties all over and everyone is happy, lively and welcoming. There is no doubt that during the carnival is one of the best times to visit Portugal because it is exciting and you really get to meet and mingle with the people.

Even if you have attended the carnival celebration elsewhere, you simply must experience the Portugal Carnival. Every celebration is unique. Each with its own cultural influences. In Portugal you will experience the cities and the people in a way that you can not do any other time of the year. It is an experience like no other. If you want to have fun and to let loose on vacation then book a trip to Portugal for the carnival.



Couples Holidays


CarvoeirRelax in o

Couples looking for a laid-back resort with the freedom to do as much or as little as they like need look no further than Carvoeiro.

This fishing village shows off the Algarve’s natural beauty, with a charming village and stunning coastline, and you can relax your days away on the beach. Good…

Couples looking for a laid-back resort with the freedom to do as much or as little as they like need look no further than Carvoeiro.

This fishing village shows off the Algarve’s natural beauty, with a charming village and stunning coastline, and you can relax your days away on the beach. Good food and drink can be had at local restaurants and bars, of which there are many scattered about the whitewash buildings.


Relaxing Days                                                                                                                                              

Carvoeiro offers couples a truly relaxing holiday, both with the sandy beach and the general atmosphere of the village. Wherever you stay in Carvoeiro you’ll never be far from the coast and you can spend as many days as you wish soaking up the Algarve sun.

For a better view of the coastline where you are staying, you could rent a boat and relax out at sea. Peace and quiet can be had at Carvoeiro should you wish to find it.





Explore sunny skies, sandy beaches and breathtaking cliff views.

photo (7) Solarium

New CALISTODESTINO Carvoeiro Property Rentals has established itself as one of the best along the entire Algarve coastline and offers superb, family friendly accommodation for guests to enjoy.
The New CALISTODESTINO Carvoeiro Property Rentals are conveniently located on the cliff tops above the fishing village of Carvoeiro which boasts an attractive beach and an abundance of restaurants, bars and shops. There are many other wonderful beaches all within a few minutes’ drive. It is also within easy reach of many excellent golf courses including the Carvoeiro Golf Resort with its two full 18 holes courses.IMG_1406
The immediate coastline consists of spectacular cliffs, caves and many beautiful beaches you have to see to believe, all washed by the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Algarve lays claim to more hours of sunshine than any other place in Europe and also the most unpolluted climate.

W is for Weather

 IMG_1723                       The letter for today is W. We are going to discuss the beautiful weather in Algarve. I have traveled to many places throughout the world and I have to say that the weather in Algarve is my favorite. It is always wonderful to look outside of my balcony and see what Mother Nature has to offer each day. When visiting Algarve, it is a good idea to know what the weather will be like so that you can plan. Some people only like to come to Portugal during the Carnival season, while others find the winter months to be a magical time of year in Algarve.

Spring is an amazing time of year to visit Algarve. The beautiful flowers are starting to bloom and the fresh new life is blossoming everywhere. There is a lot of sunshine to bask in during the springtime and the mild temperature makes it the perfect time to get out and about to see all that Algarve has to offer. Algarve is filled with a light and beautiful romance that is absolutely enchanting.

During the warmer summer months, the sun shines for at least half of the day as bright and beautifully as it possibly can. The homes in Algarve are carefully designed to stay cool during the warm summer months. It is a good idea to close all of the windows and doors so that you can keep the cool air in the home as much as possible. There is a lot to do in Algarve during the warmer summer months. Swimming, horseback riding, or touring the city are a few of the top attractions in Algarve. It is important to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun when you are in Algarve during the summer months. Many people forget that the intensity of the sun is different in Algarve and that sun block is essential to prevent a sunburn.

Autumn is a magical time of year in Algarve. The temperatures start to cool down, the leaves start to change, and a general sense of togetherness starts to fall on the community. Most vacationers have gone home and the beautiful scenery is all ours once again. I love watching the sun set during autumn because its beams hit the tree line perfectly and create a captivating amber glow. It is great to go on a horseback ride through the countryside of Algarve during the cooler autumn months. It feels as if you are able to actually connect with nature and really embrace it fully.

Winter in Algarve is not as bad as you may think. The sun still shines high in the sky for a good portion of the day. When the year starts to end and the new year begins, it can be a bit rainy around Algarve. A great part of the winter in Algarve is that you can see young lambs and goats are born and almond trees blossom. Also, toward the end of winter, Carnival seasons starts and that is always fun and exciting.



 The West Coast of Portugal is one of my favorite places ever. There is something magical about the rock formations, the wild Atlantic Coast, miles and miles of sandy beaches, high, undulating sand dunes and scruffy, wispy scrub land. This coastline also has some of the strangest plants I have encountered. In Spring time the colour of the blooms are stunning but they are not the easiest of plants to touch as they seem to want to bite back. Every time I kneel down amongst the rocks to touch petals, stems and leaves I always come away with a nasty scratch or sting – it’s as if they don’t want to be handled only admired in their wild, rugged state.

Fantastic Beaches and Breathtaking Scenery to Enjoy on Holiday in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro Beach Westview

If you are interested in traveling to an exotic destination that’s rich in local culture, you do not require looking any further than Carvoeiro, within the Algarve region of Portugal. The town merely offers the right blend of beaches and culture. For an extended summer time holiday in the sun, property in Carvoeiro is ideal because the weather is sunny and warm almost each day.


The blue waters of the region are crystal clear, and you will have many golden sand beaches and coves accessible for the enjoyment. Whether you would like a crowded beach or an isolated cove, Carvoeiro can meet your needs. Marinha Beach, Cavalho Beach, Albandeira Beach, Benagil Seaside and Paraiso Beach are just of few of Carvoeiro’s stunning beaches. On these beaches, you’ll have the ability to kick back and obtain a tan that covers your entire body.


The local airport is only thirty moments from Carvoeiro. In the event you require transportation whilst within the area you will find buses accessible to take you about the town. This was as soon as a little fishing village and it’s simple to get around and enjoy the local culture and beaches.

What you are able to do in Carvoeiro

You are able to ask one of the nearby residents to take you fishing in the ocean, or you are able to kick back and relax around the beach. The town’s marketplace is a fantastic place to go shopping if you really feel like looking about. Golfers will value likely to the local golf course, and tennis buffs will appreciate the tennis center in Carver. Boat trips along the coastline are another chance, together with a go to to one of the area’s grottoes. The Algar Seco, for example, is an unbelievable place to go exploring – powerful waves have carved out fascinating water chimneys and grottoes in the rock. If nightlife excites you, Carvoeiro has a number of restaurants and bars that may satisfy your craving. Appreciate the stunning ocean throughout the day and go out for dinner and dancing at night!


Carvoeiro Beach

CARVOEIRO was a small fishing village which despite development has retained its scenic appeal and is devoid of high rise buildings.  It has two golden sandy beaches, Carvoeiro  beach which adjoins  the village square is a beautiful cove, bordered by cliffs and restaurants.  Sun loungers, parasols and jet skis can be hired.  This apartment is situated within a few minutes walk of Carvoeiro beach..



New APARTMENT DESTINO is an immaculate one bedroom apartment which is fully equipped to meet your self catering needs and is furnished throughout to a high standard. It is situated in central Carvoeiro and is literally within 100 metres of picturesque Carvoeiro beach and all the facilites that Carvoeiro offers including numerous cafes, restaurants and shops, not to mention the additional beach of Paraiso.