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IMG_1687When the skies are clear and the sun is shining, the resort of Carvoeiro is one of the best places to visit for an Algarve holiday, as it offers beautiful natural sites, stunning beaches, entertainment for the whole family and more. The awesome natural rock formations of Algar Seco have to be seen to be fully appreciated, as these gorgeous orange rocks have been shaped by continuous water flow that once existed here. Now dry, you can see the beauty first hand; so don’t forget to bring your camera! If beaches are what you’re after then you won’t be disappointed, as Carvoeiro boasts a beautiful stretch of sand running below the cliffs that the resort sits upon. Resort_faoc2

The sand here is beautifully golden in colour and the waters are crystal clear and surprisingly warm considering they are waters of the Atlantic, so you can enjoy a refreshing swim during the summer months, while remaining comfortably warm.


Algarve Holidays…

IMG_1712Holidays in the Algarve – just picture this! Sun dappled beaches tucked behind every headland, sandy, clean and punctuated with astonishing rock formations. Expertly designed golf courses combining challenges galore and superb views. Sleepy towns and villages, where holiday visitors melt into local life. Seaside resorts brimming with good restaurants and good cheer. And great shopping at local markets and modern malls. It’s no surprise then the Algarve remains top of many people’s list for their holidays.

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The picturesque town of Carvoeiro sits above sea sculpted cliffs and scenic beaches in the heart of the Algarve coastline. Beautifully clear waters, famous golf courses and the wonderful climate have helped Carvoeiro grow in popularity, whilst avoiding high rise developments and maintaining a true flavour of the Algarve.

Carvoeiro my favourite holiday destination!!

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Picturesque with a delightful sandy beach, Carvoeiro is becoming ever more popular, not unsurprisingly so, considering its many charms. Still a quaint fishing village with a working fleet, the main beach and little nearby coves benefit from the shelter of high surrounding cliffs, creating a picture-postcard Algarvian setting. Within the resort, you’ll find a healthy selection of cafés, bars and restaurants and a handful of shops for hunting down souvenirs. Great for families and couples who want to relax in a pretty location. Great bases for exploring are tranquil and unhurried Salicos, whilst Sesmarias, another tranquil location, is a friendly, pretty picturesque fishing village.IMG_1470