W is for Weather

 IMG_1723                       The letter for today is W. We are going to discuss the beautiful weather in Algarve. I have traveled to many places throughout the world and I have to say that the weather in Algarve is my favorite. It is always wonderful to look outside of my balcony and see what Mother Nature has to offer each day. When visiting Algarve, it is a good idea to know what the weather will be like so that you can plan. Some people only like to come to Portugal during the Carnival season, while others find the winter months to be a magical time of year in Algarve.

Spring is an amazing time of year to visit Algarve. The beautiful flowers are starting to bloom and the fresh new life is blossoming everywhere. There is a lot of sunshine to bask in during the springtime and the mild temperature makes it the perfect time to get out and about to see all that Algarve has to offer. Algarve is filled with a light and beautiful romance that is absolutely enchanting.

During the warmer summer months, the sun shines for at least half of the day as bright and beautifully as it possibly can. The homes in Algarve are carefully designed to stay cool during the warm summer months. It is a good idea to close all of the windows and doors so that you can keep the cool air in the home as much as possible. There is a lot to do in Algarve during the warmer summer months. Swimming, horseback riding, or touring the city are a few of the top attractions in Algarve. It is important to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun when you are in Algarve during the summer months. Many people forget that the intensity of the sun is different in Algarve and that sun block is essential to prevent a sunburn.

Autumn is a magical time of year in Algarve. The temperatures start to cool down, the leaves start to change, and a general sense of togetherness starts to fall on the community. Most vacationers have gone home and the beautiful scenery is all ours once again. I love watching the sun set during autumn because its beams hit the tree line perfectly and create a captivating amber glow. It is great to go on a horseback ride through the countryside of Algarve during the cooler autumn months. It feels as if you are able to actually connect with nature and really embrace it fully.

Winter in Algarve is not as bad as you may think. The sun still shines high in the sky for a good portion of the day. When the year starts to end and the new year begins, it can be a bit rainy around Algarve. A great part of the winter in Algarve is that you can see young lambs and goats are born and almond trees blossom. Also, toward the end of winter, Carnival seasons starts and that is always fun and exciting.


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