Enjoy the Easter break and spend some quality time in the Algarve!

With its sunny days and mild temperatures, the Western Algarve is the perfect escape for a well-deserved break.

Good Friday

Easter in the Algarve is a time of colour and sunshine. The Algarve is buzzing with flower festivals and family get together. The long weekend coupled with the welcome spring warmth attracts many Portuguese from the cities further north and visitors from other countries to enjoy the Algarve’s Beaches, Restaurants and Bars over the mini-holiday. Good Friday is a Public Holiday and shops and businesses are closed, many of the Portuguese restaurants will be closed in the evening.

Easter Sunday

Easter in Algarve is a colourful and happy time. With festivals and family get-togethers the Algarve buzzes with warmth and tradition. Special cakes, known as “Folar” are eaten – surprising for the hard boiled egg still in its shell hidden inside the cake! The famous Flower Torch Festival is held in São Bras do Alportel, when the main street of the town is strewn with flowers and a procession of townsfolk carrying troches made of colourful flowers makes its way to the church.



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