Whatever tickles your fancy…..

 images NewCalisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals is the ideal place for those looking for a quiet retreat on a spectacular coastline with loads of authentic Portuguese character.

Many clients return to Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals for holidays year after yearas Carvoeiro offers natural beauty, golden sandy beaches and local character. Carvoeiro as a former fishing village has not lost charm as its perched on a truly spectacular piece of coastline and the village is centered round an open square, where you can dine alfresco and watch the little fishing boats bobbing in the distance.

Your days in Carvoeiro are spent exploring the cobbled lanes lined with white washed houses with charming carvoeiro_beach_holidaysouvenir shops dotted in between. Or why not take a visit to one of the many secluded coves abounding the area? Once the sun has set you can enjoy a relaxing drink in one of the many bars, and then enjoy a sumptuous meal in one of the fine restaurants in the town during your stay at Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals in beautiful Carvoeiro. The characterful village of Carvoeiro is certain to fill you with unforgettable holiday memories.

carvoeiro_cafePortugal is a history rich country and there are many fascinating sights that you can explore such as the flame red castle of Silves once a Moorish capital, or try visiting the town Caldas De Monchique which used to be a cure-all spa town in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays people visit here because it’s a charming spot. If you love wildlife, take a trip to the Rio Formosa National Park where images Algarve 1there are vast areas of sandy islands and shallow lagoons where birds come to feast.

Whatever tickles your fancy, we are here at calistodestinocarvoeiro.wordpress.com to help you make your holidays an unforgettable memory.


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