Carvoeiro the most photographed resort in the Algarve…

carvoeiro beach A2Carvoeiro is a picturesque resort set against a backdrop of stunning coastal scenery. Growing increasingly popular, due to its idyllic setting, it is now the most photographed resort in the Algarve. With soft sun-baked sand sloping gently into refreshing waters that are perfect for swimming and safe for children, Carvoeiro is a great choice for a family holiday Portugal.

This quaint fishing village is full of fabulous restaurants serving up traditional Portuguese food. You’ll find several seafood dishes on the menu, with catches of the day provided by, the still active, local fishing fleet. Most of the restaurants are found on the central town square where you carvoiero21can watch singers and folk dancers perform as you wine and dine.

The Algarve is famous for its natural beauty. Nature lovers can hire bicycles or horses to explore the pine-scented forests and sleepy orange groves in the surrounding areas of the resort.


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