Easter in Algarve….

Easter Pic 1 Calisto & DestinoAs March now draws to an end and Easter holidays are just around the corner, we are thrilled to say that the Algarve is set to give visitors a lovely warm welcome! The countryside is flourishing and the bright sunny days are offering nothing less than the perfect setting to enjoying all that the region has to offer. The April events calendar is full of Easter festivals, concerts, sports and gastronomy fairs and it is the ideal time of year for long walks, outdoor activities and family fun on the beach. So if you haven’t booked your holiday for Easter yet, Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro has  something nice for YOU!


Carvoeiro the most photographed resort in the Algarve…

carvoeiro beach A2Carvoeiro is a picturesque resort set against a backdrop of stunning coastal scenery. Growing increasingly popular, due to its idyllic setting, it is now the most photographed resort in the Algarve. With soft sun-baked sand sloping gently into refreshing waters that are perfect for swimming and safe for children, Carvoeiro is a great choice for a family holiday Portugal.

This quaint fishing village is full of fabulous restaurants serving up traditional Portuguese food. You’ll find several seafood dishes on the menu, with catches of the day provided by, the still active, local fishing fleet. Most of the restaurants are found on the central town square where you carvoiero21can watch singers and folk dancers perform as you wine and dine.

The Algarve is famous for its natural beauty. Nature lovers can hire bicycles or horses to explore the pine-scented forests and sleepy orange groves in the surrounding areas of the resort.

Holidays to Algarve

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A holiday to the Algarve, the western-most part of Europe, has long been popular with holidaymakers keen to enjoy some sun, sand and sea in the relaxing and safe boundaries of Portugal.

Superb beaches, turquoise sea, manicured golf courses and the leisurely Portuguese pace of life have established Portugal’s west coast as an ever popular holiday destination to the Algarve. ALGAR SECO NEW

With warm, sunny winters and very hot summers, this 100-mile southern coast of Portugal is a great escape for holidays to Algarve practically any time of year.


Carnival 2The Algarve Carnival is a popular event in the region, which is held each year to celebrate Mardi Gras. Carnival 1This big festival attracts large crowds from around the world who are keen to witness the large Brazilian-style carnival, which has been running for well over 100 years. The main fiesta is in Loule, where the carnival originates, but there are parties held throughout the region during these dates. It dates back to the celebration of the beginning of Lent and `Carnevale` literally translates as `to put away the meat`. Restaurants in the area serve plenty of seafood and other local delicacies and the streets are decorated in colourful fashion and animated floats parade through Carnival 6the streets to encourage the party atmosphere. Most of the streets in the Algarve will be filled with singing anCarnival 3d laughter, with plenty of live music and dancing. Many of the boat owners even decorate their boats in lively fashion to join in the region’s celebrations.

Carvoeiro with a spread of beaches…



This one-time fishing village in Portugal’s western Algarve has a history dating back centuries. Here you’ve got a compact town centre made up of two main roads leading to the square. There are pretty white buildings set into the cliff, along with a lighthouse and the remains of a 17th-century fort. And just along the coast is Algar Seco, a spectacular landscape formed by cliff erosions.

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Carvoeiro provides a choice of beaches – you’ve even got one in the middle of town, just off the square. There are loungers and umbrellas to rent, plus a choice of bars and restaurants by the entrance. And from here, the next beach along is Praia do Paraiso, a sandy bay sheltered by dramatic cliffs. The restaurant above the sands offers up some fantastic views from its terrace.

Carvoeiro Sun in the Algarve, Portugal


CArvCarvoeiro is a tranquil part of the Algarve that stems from humble beginnings as a small fishing village. It has a pretty, secluded, sandy beach where life spins round the cities’ main square. This amazing town is home to a great natural harbour and remains sheltered from the winds due to its location between rocky headlands and thus ideal to spend your Algarve sun holidays.

Carvoeiro Beach is very pretty, but extraordinarily clean and beautiful, with neighbouring beaches within easy walk987937ing distance.

The resort has maintained plenty of its character from when it was only a tiny fishing town and this makes it perfect for families looking to relax on a golden beach.

There is quite a lot to do in the region, with one highlight surely being the astonishing rock formations around the shore that can be admired from boat trips round the Algar Seco.



A holiday in Carvoeiro is one that will remain with you for many years to come; this special old fALGAR SECO NEWishing port is tucked into a cosy dip in the coastline making a protected little beach that is beloved of the many tourists who come here year after year.

There is a lot to see and do in Carvoeiro and if playing on the beach gets tiresome, you could ALGAR SECO 2visit one of the many attractive towns nearby for a little adventure or take a look at the amazing Algar Seco with its weird rock formations!

This is a perfect holiday location if you love to bask in the warmth of the sun and to enjoy good food on tap! This is a great place that will stay with you for many years to come.

Christmas Traditions in Portugal

A tradition is a specific practice of long standing in which unwritten customs and practices are passed from one generation to the next. Traditions and customs form part of a country’s culture and heritage. The following information provides some fast, interesting facts about customs and Christmas traditions in Portugal:

 Christmas is a deeply religious holiday in Portugal

 An elaborate Nativity scene is displayed in many homes

 Pai Natal delivers gifts but also on the morning of January 6th the Three Kings also bring gifts for the children

 Shoes are filled with straw or carrots for the camels that must carry their riders to deliver the gifts. In the morning the food is gone and small gifts of candy are left

 The Christmas Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the Feast of the Holy Innocents both involve the sharing of gifts

 The Portuguese have a Yule or Christmas log (cepo de Natal)

 The Portuguese celebrate a feast caled the “consoda.”. The consoda is held on Christmas morning where extra spaces and food is laid in honor of the dead as this is believed to bring good luck for the new year.

Christmas Traditions in Portugal – The Food!

What do people eat in other countries at this special time of the year? Festive feasts and recipes are traditional for special occasions including family dinners and meals. Interesting facts about the special food eaten as part of the customs and Christmas traditions in Portugal:

 A dish of dried cod with boiled potatoes is popular in Portugal on Xmas Eve

 A typical Christmas dinner in Portugal would start with small portions of lute fish or corn pudding followed by honey roasted ham, roasted turkey served with vegetables including rutabagas and turnips. Other favorites are Portuguese sausages or a variety of shell fish

 Christmas traditions in Portugal

Portuguese Christmas Vocabulary

How do you say Merry Christmas in Portugal? If you have friends or family who live, or have ties with, a different country it is a nice gesture to add a seasons greetings in the language of the country. A practical addition to learning about Christmas traditions in Portugal:

 How do you say Merry Christmas in Portuguese? “Boas Festas!”

 What is the name for Santa Claus? Pai Natal

 Christmas Eve is known in Portuguese as Véspera de Natal

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Best of Carvoeiro






The pretty, family-friendly resort of Carvoeiro has a beautiful golden beach sheltered by stunning cliffs. When the beach gets a little crowded in peak season, boat trips can take you to quieter coves along the coast or to see the amazing caves and rock formations at Algar Seco Natural Park. This bustling town has plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you entertained after the beach. Two excellent golf courses can also be found at the nearby Carvoeiro Club.