My top 10 list of must see places in Algarve


  1.     Carvoeiro is a fantastic  town to visit famous for its beaches and caves, everything is within reach unlike some other places in the Algarve.
  2.    Monchique  is one of Portugal’s pre-eminent health spa and sulphur bath resorts. The town is nestled in a wooded area away from the coast, amid the splendid peaks of the Serra de Monchique. As a result, Monchique’s combination of hot springs and spectacular agricultural bounty offer up a totally different side of the Algarve.
  3.    Lagos is a coastal town that provides both beach and history to Algarve tourists. You get it all here, from the phenomenal 18th century Igreja de Santo António to the brilliant white sand confines of Meia Praia and Praia da Dona Ana. For scenery, local cuisine and architecture, Lagos is about as good as it gets in the Algarve.
  4.    Silves  as the former capital of the Algarve, Silves is vitally important within the region. The municipality of more than 30,000 people has some great points of interest to explore, from Silves Cathedral to a Moorish castle built between the 8th century and 13th century.
  5.    Lagoa  is what I love most about the Algarve. A small town of just over 6,000 people, with a deep history and palpable sense of culture, tradition and heritage. All up against a coastline with at least twenty superb and rustic beaches (and many Blue Flag beauties to boot).
  6.     Portimão With over 45,000 residents, the city of Portimão is a significant community within the Algarve. The Praia da Rocha is a famous Portimão beach and the city is a notable stop on the famous Lisbon-Dakar rally route. All in all, a good place to lay low and relax.
  7.     Sagres Anyone who loves Portuguese beer is probably familiar with Sagres. The famous brand of native cerveja and small Algarve town share the same designation. Although not a frenetic tourist haven by any stretch of the imagination, Sagres Point is a magnificent promontory in use as a ceremonial site since the Neolithic Age.
  8.     Albufeira ’s “Strip” is a premier nightlife district that rivals counterparts in Ibiza and the Costa del Sol in terms of popularity. The city is the undeniable tourist hub of the Algarve, with close to 40,000 people and scores of hotels slammed up chock-a-block against the coast.
  9.     Cape St Vincent is Europe’s most South Westerly point and is still an important shipping landmark, with it’s very own lighthouse that is visible from 50 miles away.
  10.     Alvor is a great town with great beaches and good sightseeing. Great on the beach restaurants .

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