Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals in the Algarve, Portugal

carvoeiro_beachCarvoeiro is a tranquil part of the Algarve that stems from humble beginnings as a small fishing village. It has a beautiful, secluded, sandy beach where life spins round the cities’ main square.

This amazing town is home to a great natural harbour and remains sheltered from the winds due to its location between rocky headlands .

The close beach is not big, but extraordinarily clean and beautiful, with neighbouring beaches within easy walking distance. For beach lovers we recommend Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals as your base for your fantastic holiday stay.carvoeiro_beach_holiday

The resort has maintained plenty of its character from when it was only a tiny fishing town and this makes it perfect for families looking to relax on a golden beach.

There is quite a lot to do in the region, with one highlight surely being the astonishing rock formations around the shore that can be admired from boat trips round the Algar Seco.

The nightlife here is pretty lively, as is the shopping district with lots of stores providing quaint products – perfect for memencarvoeiro_cafetos, or as gifts to family and friends.

There is also a regional market that opens once every month offering the best in Carvoeiro’s pottery, leather products and embroidered linens. If you like strolling through markets await discovery.

Topped off by some exquisite restaurants that cater to all palates Carvoeiro is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy all the Algarve has to supply in a more tranquil, peaceful setting.images New


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